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Episode 3.01 - "Spree, Part 1l" - September 22, 2006
A woman in her late 20s/early 30s named Crystal Hoyt and her 17-year-old boyfriend Buck go on a robbery and killing vengeance spree through seven states. Don, along with Charlie, tries to track them down before they do more damage. Megan interrogates a waitress who knows a lot about Crystal and her rocky past. Alan takes a decision that may not please Charlie.
Episode 3.02 - "Spree, Part 2" - September 29, 2006
David interrogates Billy Rivers, one of Crystal Hoyt's ex-boyrfriend and someone she was looking for. When Billy is not cooperating as they would like, the team digs up some dirt on his attorney. The team must work harder and faster when one of theirs is taken by Crystal.
Episode 3.03 - "Traffic" - October
The team investigates seemingly unrelated freeway attacks, such as a shooting of a husband and father of two. Megan interrogates a man who was left partially paralyzed with brain injuries after a car accident. This left him with a lot of anger issues. Colby and David question Calvin, a car wash clerk who has an instory of violent behavior. Don visits the group leader of a support group for head trauma victims in order to get info about some of his patients. Charlie helps Alan with the architectural plan of a mall.
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Episode 3.19 - "Pandora's Box" - March 30, 2007
A Forest Ranger is out on routine fire duty when a jet from a company called Aerodyne crashes into the forest close to him. He drives to the crash site and is horrified to see the carnage. He is looking for any survivors when he hears a noise. When rescuers arrive, they find Phil dead of gunshot wounds. The FBI is called in and begin to investigate and they find the fingerprints of one of the Aerodyne IT workers, Mike Daley, on the tampered flight computer. He claims that John Wellner, the plane's mechanic, has him install software updates from the FAA, since he's small enough to fit in the nose cone, but they find that the FAA hasn't issued any recent updates, so they have to figure out what Wellner had Daley install. After digging into his background, they find that Wellner used to run a charter business in Florida and the DEA believes he had ties with a Salvadoran drug runner. But where will the investigation go when Wellner turns up dead?
Episode 3.20 - "Burn Rate" - April, 2007
The FBI investigates a series of bombings that are linked to ones that put a young man named Jason Aronow behind bars. Aronow tried to blow himself up in prison but did not succeed. Later, they arrest one of the prison guards for giving Aronow bomb-making materials. They find that Aronow has been corresponding with his old teacher, Louis Glaser, who has been a suspect for the bombings all along. They are able to stop several bombs from blowing up using a robot and high-pressure water cannon, saving Jennifer Malloy, who has been working with Don and his team. Liz Warner is also in this episode.
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