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Episode 2.01 - "Judgement Call" - September 23, 2005
Don taps the expertise of Megan and Charlie when a federal judge's wife is murdered.
Episode 2.02 - "Better or Worse" - September 30, 2005
A woman storms in a jewelry store wanting to see the owner. She gives him a note and tells him that he has to help her or his wife and daughter will die. Once he does what is on the note, the woman tells him that he'll see his family again... in 24 hours... as long as the police and FBI aren't involved. A security guard kills her... will the owner see his family again? Don, his team and Charlie work on the case. Alan appears in the episode.
Episode 2.03 - "Obsession" - October 7, 2005
A man entered the house of a famous woman, Lauren Wyatt, who's married to an actor. The woman has been receiving threatening letters and cards but no one took it seriously until now. Megan tries to come up with a profile for this intruder/stalker. Later, a photographer is found dead. Don's team tries to find the stalker and the murdered. Charlie, as usual, helps out.
Episode 2.04 - "Calculated Risk" - October 14, 2005
Don brings a young witness, Daniel, to the Eppes house as witness protection doesn't want to take him. Daniel's mother was killed.
Episode 2.05 - "Assissin" - October 21, 2005
Don and Megan drop by the apartment of Elsie Korfelt, 74, to search the premises. Elsie's son Henry, 40, is an expert in making forged passports, birth certificates, etc. Henry escapes seconds before they can enter the apartment. Colby and David are also at the apartment complex. Henry assaulted a federal officer and helped an assassin get the needed documents, weapons and vehicles to commit a murder. Don's tasks force tries to get info from Henry in order to track down the assassin and prevent more murders. Larry, Charlie and Alan are also in the episode.
Episode 2.06 - "Soft Target" - November 4
At a subway station, three shady men with backpacks make their way to the turnstiles and then a train. Alarms sound and MTA cops start pursuing the men and gun shots are heard. Soon enough, what is in the backpacks is exposed... an unknown liquid... Liz Eng, who went to high school with Don, is at the Eppes' house. Liz is getting married at the house. Alan helps her out with the planning. Charlie, Larry, Colby, David and Megan also appear.
Episode 2.07 - "Convergence" - November 11
Charlie, Larry, and Don play disc golf. They get in trouble with a few college-aged guys. Don and his team go to a house that has been broken into by three men wearing ski masks who rob the wealthy to steal jewellery, fine art, etc. The mother has been injured, so was her teenaged son. She also has a daughter. The father is found dead in the pool with hands and feet bound with tape. A professor named Marshall Penfield (to be played by Colin Hanks) gives a lecture about one of Charlie's theories to prove that it is wrong.
Episode 2.08 - "In Plain Sight" - November 18, 2005
Colby is on a mission and ready to storm in a Glass Shop (it seems to find a meth lab) when a civilian enters the shop. But her arrival makes the man inside the shop notice the unmarked van across the street and understand what's going on. Megan and another agent go to a house where they hope to get info on the kingpin and the drug. Charlie helps.
Episode 2.09 - "Toxin" - November 25, 2005
At a company picnic, a baseball game is in progress. Rob, father of two and taking part in the game, is having difficulties breathing and becomes mildly asthmatic. He breathes through a brand new inhaler and starts feeling better. But seconds later, the man starts having seizures. Charlie, Don and his team investigate Rob's case as it is the fifth unusual seizure in Los Angeles in 2 weeks. Could someone be tempering with the medication inside inhalers? Alan also appears in the episode.
Episode 2.10 - "Bones of Contention" - December 9, 2005
In the lab of the Heritage Museum , Andrea Abernathy is working on some Native-American artefact. Once her work is done, she gathers her things and exits but doesn't make it outside as someone grabs her. Don and his team are brought to the scene to investigate who killed the woman and why. Alan has problems letting go of the past. Amita and Larry give Charlie advice on his father's problem.
Episode 2.11 - "Scorched" - December 16, 2005
Charlie helps Don and his team find an arsonist who has set four fires so far with Molotov cocktails. Along with LAFD Arson Investigator Noah Stevens, the team will investigate the fire of an SUV that caused the death of a man.
Episode 2.12 - "The O.G." - January 6, 2006
The team needs to track down a man named Travis Grant as he is the last person who saw FBI agent Anton Rhimes alive. Rhimes was undercover in a gang named the 23rd Street in which Grant is part of. The team believes Grant was there when Rhimes was shot. During interrogation, Grant claims what happened to Rhimes will be dealt with (take one of ours, we take five of yours) and that some people are getting a message . Since it seems that Rhimes' cover wasn't blown (so he didn't die because gang members found out he was FBI), the team must try to find out what may have triggered someone to kill him. Amita and Charlie are supposed to play darts against the Geology department.
Episode 2.13 - "Double Down" - January 13, 2006
A Russian 20-year-old man is killed after he played and won at Blackjack at a L.A. Card Club. There were four robberies reported at this club in the past six months. Don requires his brother's help when they find books with equations in the dead man's bag. Larry will find the equations a tad too familiar for his taste, which will lead him to helping Charlie and the FBI more than he usually does.
Episode 2.14 - "Harvest" - January 20, 2006
Alan, Amita, Larry and Charlie attend the last event of a math symposium. Charlie, a past winner of the Pascal Prize, is set to present the award to this year's winner, someone he knows very well. Four women travelled to L.A. in order to each sell a kidney. One woman is dead, two are missing, and the fourth is in FBI custody. Don and his team try to locate the missing girls.
Episode 2.15 - "The Running Man" - February 3, 2006
Burglars steal something from a highly-secured CalSci DNA lab. Meanwhile, Charlie and Larry attend a night race held at CalSci. One of the runners is a student named Ron Allen, whom Larry says he may be the next Charles Eppes. Don and his team take care of the DNA lab case.
Episode 2.16 - "Protest" - March 3, 2006
A bomb placed under a government car parked near a U.S. Army Recruitment Office explodes killing a man and leaving his wife in shock. Don and his team try to stop the bomb makers before more antiwar protests kill more civilians. Alan knows one of the men involved in the explosion.
Episode 2.17 - "Mind Games" - March 10, 2006
A psychic called a search team and tipped them off about a location in the middle of nowhere where a crime has been committed. When the search team arrives there, they find a crime scene. Don and his team are called in. Charlie and the psychic will collide as one is all about facts and science and the other is not. Larry and Amita also appear. Multiple Emmy Award nominee John Glover ("Smallville") portrays Samuel Kraft, a psychic who leads a search team to a crime scene in the wilderness.
Episode 2.18 - "All's Fair" - March 31, 2006
While talking on her cellphone, a woman named Saida is taken and killed the day before she had an important interview. Saida was an Iraqi citizen in the states to make a documentary. She was an activist who received death threats. Don and his team work with Agent Kareem Allawi. Charlie has dinner with Susan Berry an old friend who is in town for a book signing. Both of them seem to have a liking for one another. Larry, Amita, and Alan also appear.
Episode 2.19 - "Dark Matter" - April 7, 2006
There are shootings at a high school, killing many people. Don and his team try to find the killers. Could computer games have trigged those killings? Charlie, who had vowed to never set foot in a high school since he graduated, may have to visit the high school in order to gather information. Larry and Amita also appear
Episode 2.20 - "Guns and Roses" - April 21, 2006
The team goes to Nikki Amstead's house, an ATF agent who apparently just commited suicide. ATF agent Eric Turner is on the scene and tells Don he wants to help solve the case. Don is not talkative at all... could it be because he knew the deceased very well? After reviewing Nikki's background with Amita and Larry, Charlie is certain she didn't commit suicide.
Episode 2.21 - "Rampage" - April 28, 2006
interrogates a registered sex offender named Ryan McCall about a teenage girl who he supposedly courtshipped via that Internet. The girl is now in the hospital. The case seems pretty clear until Ryan turns up dead. Meanwhile, Charlie, Larry and Amita talk about the fact that earlier Larry and Charlie were talking about math and then a bullet went right past their heads.
Episode 2.22 - "Backscatter" - May 12, 2006
The team investigates bank fraud when people's bank accounts (including Don's) are accessed and wiped out. They also have to find two bank employees who were kidnapped.
Episode 2.23 - "Undercurrents" - May 12, 2006
The team must find the origins of a few dead Asian women, most of them were involved in a Chinese sex slave trade in the U.S., who are infected with bird flu before panic or an avian flu pandemic ensues. Megan interviews a reporter who knew one of the deceased. Will she accept to give him an exclusive on the story in return for information?
Episode 2.24 - "Hot Shot" - May 19, 2006
The team tries to track down a serial killer who drugs women, kills them, then carefully dresses and makes them up before putting them in their cars in their own driveways. Charlie dreams of a roberry that occurs in a grocery store while his father is at the store.
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