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Episode 1 - "Pilot" - January 23, 2005
To help capture a serial rapist-turned-killer, FBI Special Agent Don Eppes recruits his genius brother Charlie, who uses a mathematical equation to identify the killer's point of origin by working back from the crime scene locations.
Episode 2 - "Uncertainty Principle" - January 28, 2005
Charlie accurately predicts where a band of bank robbers will strike next. But when Don and his team confront them, a massive shoot-out occurs leaving four people, including an officer, dead. The outcome disturbs Charlie and he retreats into the family garage to work out an unsolvable math problem that he also plunged into after his mother became ill a year earlier. But Don needs his brother's help and tries to get Charlie to return to the case.
Episode 3 - "Vector" - February 4, 2005
 Various people in the L.A. area with seemingly nothing in common start to become extremely sick and die on the same day. Don fears bioterrorists may have released a deadly virus into the enviroment. While he tries to discover whether anyone is behind the outbreak, Charlie tries to locate the point of origin.
Episode 4 - "Structural Corruption" - February 11, 2005
Charlie believes that a college student who allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a bridge was actually murdered, and that his death is related to an engineering thesis he was working on about one of Los Angeles' newest and most important buildings, that may not be as structurally safe as teh owner claims it to be. Back at home, Alan prepares for his first date in 35 years.
Episode 5 - "Prime Suspect" - February 18, 2005
When a 5-year-old girl is kidnapped from her birthday party, Don and Terry lead the investigation but must rely on Charlie's help, as the girl's father, Ethan, is also a mathematician. Charlie realizes the kidnapper's motive when Ethan reveals that he is close to solving Riemann's Hypothesis, a difficult math problem. If solved, the solution could not only earn him with $1 million but could break the code for Internet security, unlocking the world's biggest financial secret.
Guest Star: Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser)
Episode 6 - "Sabotage" - February 25, 2005
A serial saboteur claims responsibility for a deadly accident in which a train crashes into an empty school bus that is abandoned on railroad tracks. The perpetrator leaves a note that appears to be in numeric code, which in turn Charlie tries to crack. It's soon learned that the accident was a re-creation of a previous wreck, and that the person behind it is responsible for six train mishaps over the past three years, all of which were copies of earlier rail disasters.
Pilot Episode Rerun - March 4th at 9 p.m.
Episode 7 - "Counterfeit Reality" - March 11, 2005
In this episode Don learns that counterfeiters are producing small-denomination bills, and that they have taken an artist hostage to draw the images for the fake money. If the missing woman isn't located soon, Don fears that she will be killed when her work is finished on the phony cash. The counterfeiters have already murdered at least five people, two of whom stole money from them. The case is made more difficult for Don when his former lover, now a Secret Service agent, is assigned to it.
Episode 8 - "Identity Crisis" - April 1, 2005
 A man wanted for stock fraud is found garroted in his apartment, and the crime is eerily similar to a murder committed a year earlier, a case in which Don closed when an ex-con confessed. Now, Don must re-investigate the old case to determine if he put an innocent man in jail. He asks Charlie to go over the evidence to see if he missed anything the first time around.
Episode 9 - "Sniper Zero" - April 15, 2005
The city is in a panic as a sniper goes on a shooting spree and randomly kills several people, including a postal worker. The investigation reveals that more than one shooter is at work. As Charlie works the case, he's frustrated by a sniper expert Don brings in to help out.
Lou Diamond Phillips Guest Stars
Episode 10 - "Dirty Bomb" - April 22, 2005
A truck carrying radioactive material is stolen, and the thieves threaten to set off a dirty bomb in L.A. in 12 hours if they aren't paid $20 million. While Don attempts to track down the truck, Charlie tries to come up with the most likely location where the bomb may be detonated to inflict the most damage to the population.
Episode 11 - "Sacrifice" - April 29, 2005
A senior computer-science researcher working on a classified government project is found murdered in his Hollywood Hills home, and data stolen from his computer. The investigation reveals that the victim was going through a bitter divorce, and was trying to keep his wife from getting his money. Charlie also learns that the project the man was working on may involve baseball.
Episode 12 - "Noisy Edge" - May 6, 2005
Don and Agent Quimby of the NTSB investigate eyewitness accounts of a mysterious unidentified object flying dangerously close to downtown Los Angeles that has raised concern of a terrorist attack. After Charlie is recruited to help with the investigation, it is discovered that the flying object is part of a new technology that could revolutionize air travel. But the investigation takes a turn when they learn that the lead engineer is found murdered.
Ethan Embry guest stars
Episode 13 - "Manhunt" - May 13, 2005
As Don investigates the prison bus crash, Charlie uses of probability analysis to conclude that the bus crash was not an accident, but part of a conspiracy to free a dangerous killer. Now, Don and Charlie must discover the killer's lethal agenda and stop him before he is able to carry it out.
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