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Episode 4.01 - "Trust Metric" - September 28, 2007
Colby is being interrogated by a man named Agent Kirkland, who passes him a handcuff key and gives him escape instructions. Don and his team get information about and from Colby and must figure out if that information is reliable then realizes that everything about Colby being a double agent may not be what it seems.
Episode 4.02 - "Velocity" - October
When a teenage driver driving a fancied-up car made for street racing crashes, killing one and injuring many other innocent people, Don figures out that the car was made out of stolen parts from around the country. He convinces Charlie to help him figure out why it happened. While the driver lies in a coma in the hospital, the doctor tells them that he has multiple sets of injuries, including sharp blows to the left side of his head. A shoe print shows that someone, probably at the crash scene, kicked him in the head. Colby is back with the team.
Episode 4.03 - "Hollywood Homicide" - October
When an amateur video tape showing a dead girl in a bathtub shows up at headquarters, it leads the FBI to an actor's house then a madam's "dating service" house, where they uncover illegal DVD sales as well as blackmail and a past murder.
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