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Texas Instruments & Numb3rs Join Forces
September 30, 2005
Texas Instruments (TI) will lead a math education initiative based on the hit series "NUMB3RS." In partnership with CBS, and working in association with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), TI has created an educational outreach program promoting the many uses of mathematics and supporting math teaching. The program begins with the first episode of the season, premiering Friday, September 23 at 10/9c on CBS.
The program includes TI and NCTM -- developed math education activities
for teachers and students based on the "NUMB3RS" TV show. The activities will
be based on the mathematics presented in each episode, and will be available
at cbs.com/numb3rs.
"NUMB3RS," which premiered on January 23, 2005, focuses on FBI agent Don Eppes (Rob Morrow) who recruits his mathematical genius brother Charlie (David Krumholtz) to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles.

Inspired by actual cases, the series depicts how police work and
mathematics provide unexpected revelations and answers to the most perplexing criminal questions.

Math teachers began using "NUMB3RS" content informally during the show's
first season as a supplemental teaching tool to encourage their students to
get more interested in math with positive results. This year the effort is
being made official with financial and operational support from TI, in
association with NCTM, so that the nation's math teachers in grades 7-12 will
receive high quality, engaging activities that have been developed by
classroom teachers and leading mathematicians for students at grade-
appropriate levels.

"TI is proud to work with 'NUMB3RS' and NCTM to promote student interest in mathematics," said Melendy Lovett, president, Educational & Productivity Solutions, Texas Instruments. "TI has long worked with math and science educators, and we view our 'NUMB3RS' program as another way to help classroom teachers show students the real world relevancy of math."

"It is really gratifying to know that 'NUMB3RS' can serve a purpose beyond
pure entertainment. We are glad that TI and NCTM see the educational value in
our show and we and the cast of 'NUMB3RS' look forward to doing whatever we
can to spread the word that 'Math is cool!'" stated "Numb3rs" Executive
Producers and co-Creators Cheryl Heuton and Nicolas Falacci.

NCTM, the nation's largest and most respected association of mathematics
teachers, will work with TI and "NUMB3RS" to create special classroom
activities corresponding with the math used in each episode of "NUMB3RS."
Students will have the chance to more deeply explore the math derived directly
from the concepts highlighted in each week's episode.

"We're proud to be working in association with TI and 'NUMB3RS' to
implement this exciting educational outreach program," said Cathy Seeley, NCTM president. "By emphasizing the real world applications of math, we hope to motivate students to go further and learn more challenging mathematics while
raising their awareness of how 'we all use math every day.'"

TI will also be conducting sweepstakes, commencing in 2006 that will
incorporate math questions in an "Open Book Quiz." Two students and one
teacher will each win a trip for four to Hollywood to meet cast members of the
show. The two winning students will also receive scholarships. The winning
teacher will also win a walk-on part on "NUMB3RS." Teachers can find program
information and order a classroom start-up kit at cbs.com/numb3rs.

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