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New drama adds to CBS body count
January 22, 2005
“Numbers” (9 p.m. Sunday or after the game, CBS, Channel 5). The CBS full-employment program for ex-TV icons rolls along with this latest procedural crime drama.
This one stars Rob “Northern Exposure” Morrow as a blue-Windbreaker type for the FBI who gets unexpected help solving crimes from his brother the math genius, played by David Krumholtz. Judd “Taxi” Hirsch is their dad, and Peter “Ally McBeal” McNicol is Krumholtz's brainy pal.
Like other CBS crime dramas, this one is grim, dark and laden with production gimmicks (in this case, animated diagrams that are supposed to simulate the mathematical gymnastics going on in Krumholtz's head). You would never know it came from two established filmmakers, Tony and Ridley Scott.
Starting next week “Numbers” will air at 9 p.m. Fridays, perfectly paired against NBC's “Medical Investigation,” another formulaic series.
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